Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly sketches

While I still need piles and tons of work on my faces - they are getting slightly better.

At my son's basketball game.  I got all the kids on the benches, but didn't draw in the ones running around and playing.  Which makes this a really strange picture.  But I did enjoy using my new travel watercolor box.

At the same game - my younger son watching.  This painting makes him look crazy crazy.

Freezing cold day at the park[

Other people's children at the children's museum.  I don't feel so self-conscious drawing children's faces.  I don't worry about them getting weird about being stared at.  They are used to having random adults watching them for unknown reasons :)

A lizard who lives at the children's museum.  Watercolor box!

The picnic area at the children's museum.  I went back over the watercolor with some pen lines.  

Jonas with a cookie at D'Bronx Pizza.

Jonas at the coffee shop.  I don't know why I keep making his eyes enormous.  I'm blaming this crappy sketch book that I keep in my purse for when I don't have my nicer sketch book.  I will be so happy when this thing is full.  I'm going to buy a moleskin or something, because this paper is just terrible.  counter-intuitively though - I probably draw in it *more* often because I'm so eager to use it up and get a new one.

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