Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Merry Christmas to me!

So every year I buy myself a Christmas present.  Usually something fairly small that I've really been wanting for a long time but nobody knows I've really been wanting so nobody buys it for me.  I'm really excited about this years self-present: A pocket water-color set!  Complete with fold-up mixing tray and water-brush!

I have yet to actually take it outside anywhere.  Despite the "pocket" name it's still pretty largish so I'm trying to sort out the logistics of how I might carry it around with me everywhere I go - but once I do!  Color!  Very excited :)

View outside my studio window on a cold snowy day (sans architecture - I chickened out on painting my neighbors house, which is right behind that bush on the upper left. baby steps watercolor.  baby steps)

My new Koi 24-Piece Field Sketch Set with Brush!  24 colors is totally totally overkill.  I really only need, like, six.  But the economics of the thing drove me to color madness and now I have 24!

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