Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Catching up from the Holidays - People

So I did a lot of sketching - but didn't blog it for the whole month of December - because December.

So I'll be catching up over the next few days - and to keep it easy, I'll stick them all into categories.  Today: People

This was supposed to be my son - though it looks nothing like him. :)  I tried a different approach where I drew the face shape first - then added guide lines and filled in features.  Except my pencil was dull as hell - so the features are all way too big for the face shape I drew.  Maybe I should stick with drawing eyes first and filling everything else in around it.  Or maybe I should carry a sharp pencil.

Restaurant at the Nelson-Atkins art museum 

Kids at Wonderscope Childrens' Museum

Random people hanging around at a Robotics Event

I'm kinda happy with some of these people - like I think I captured a bit more than basic shape in a few of them.  There's some indication of emotion or personality there - a bit.  Progress!

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