Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Illustrating Toby's words

It sometimes bugs me how perfectly I fit into the expected readership of this book. Yes - I do happen to have a young child in my house, which is required for almost a whole chapter of the book. oh well :)
Toby goes to a French immersion school - so most of the writing I could find from him was in French - this was a caption for an illustration he did in Kindergarten. (His drawing was much cooler frankly) It's misspelled, but his teacher translated this as "the monster is in the water"
I've been looking at book illustrations that do a lot of pencil lines overtop of watercolor - and I've been wanting to try that - but I was nervous about messing up my watercolor. Then I realized that since the only way this will ever be seen is through it's photo - I could just take multiple photos and pick my favorite. Which is good - because I feel like I did end up messing up the original picture. The watercolor with no pencil was my favorite ;) But the other tries are here and here.