Friday, January 10, 2014

Catching up from the Holidays - Architecture

So I drew a lot more people than I did architecture over the month of December - but I'm feeling pretty happy with how the architecture category is progressing in general.

Submarine Play thing from Wonderscope

Golf ball rolling area from Wonderscope.  Not sure if this quite counts as Architecture - But there are no people or landscapes - so it'll do.

Border Star Montessori.  My son takes violin lessons here once a week - it was a cold cold day and my fingers were frozen and my 3 year old was ready to head inside - so i had to rush things a bit - but I'm still happyish with this - it's a beautiful building and a good challenge in the Architecture category.

view from my back deck.  Neighbor's shed and beyond is a garage with an apartment on top.  Not a thrilling view - but Architecture!  Straight lines!  I got ran out of time and didn't finish the deck rails in the foreground.  oops.

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