Saturday, February 01, 2014

Drawing Lab 45: Drawing out your Passions

I very nearly just skipped this lab.  I feel like at least every single year of my childhood some well meaning teacher or other would have us do this.  Tear up a magazine and make a collage about yourself.  And I don't know - but somehow pictures from 'This Summer's Best Cheesecakes!' never really did much to help me express the inner-most workings of my soul.

But - then I was having a shitty day. And I was stressing out about this huge life transition I'm facing (my baby is growing up, and soon I must go out in the world to seek my fortune (i.e. get a job (ack!))) and I thought - what the hell, I clearly need to process this all somehow - so I may as well do this lab at the same time.  So I wrote about it for the proscribed amount of time and I cut up magazines and glued them and even though I still feel like it's a crappy collage with no artistic merit whatsoever (even though I added paint!) It did help me process my feelings and I was able to do some productive work with the rest of my studio morning, which otherwise would have been wasted in stress and anxiety and cookies.

This was supposed to be about "discovering my passions"  But ya, I feel pretty confidant that I already know what my passions are - and I also feel pretty confidant that even if I didn't - I'm not likely to discover them in a couple of kid's nature magazines and comic books.  There's a Vegetarian Times in there too that someone gifted a pile of to me - but really, I don't subscribe to magazines for my self.  My passions are not lying around the house in a disposable format waiting to be cut up and glued down.

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