Sunday, January 26, 2014


Perhaps it's my color palate in my paintings or the fact that I populate my landscapes with all these animals, but fairly often I get the question, "have you thought about illustrating children's books?"

And, yes, I have thought about it, and in the past, I've always decided that it's way too competitive and I don't know how to get into it and previously I've always doubted if I had the working temperament for it - working consistently and meeting deadlines and such.  But over the last few years I've gotten my sh!t together enough that that last doubt isn't really an issue anymore.  So recently when people have asked me the illustrator question, I've kind of thought - well, why not?  It would be amazing and fun and wonderful - and also incredibly challenging - what's not to love?

So, of course, I got a book.  :)  I'm almost through Illustrating Children's Picture Books.  It's been very informative and I have a much better idea about what this whole things about now - which is helpful. :)

Long story short - the book had a quick walk-through about how to draw pen and ink cross-hatch illustrations - which is something I don't usually do - so I tried my hand at it - and I'm pretty happy with it.  The crocodile and bird are from a made-up story that I've told my own children.  I might keep going and do a whole book with them - but probably not in this style :)

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