Sunday, June 15, 2014

Washy Watercolor Animals

I love doing these so much.  They are pure fun.  I always feel like a little bit of a cheat because I'm totally looking off a photo from one of my kid's animal magazines, but what the heck :)  I refuse to start with a sketch, so the proportions are always a little wonky.  Like I said, it's just for fun.




Monday, June 09, 2014

Improvements in Architecture

I think I'm getting a tad better at straight lines and angles!  Though I still have a far, far, far way to go :P
A hand-car train thing from Science City.  

Got to Toby's school too early, so drew a house across the street while I waited in the car.  I know a lot of sketchers draw from their cars - I haven't done it a lot, but I enjoyed it more than I expected.  I get to simultaneously be in a space that I feel comfortable in, while also being out observing the world.  Best of all worlds :)

Tattoo parlor across from Fric N Frac.  I draw at Fric a lot.  It's because my husband and children abandon me to play pinball while I hold down the table, order and wait for food to arrive.  But since it gives me a chance to draw, I'm happy with the arrangement.  And drawing doesn't suck down quarters :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I've started working again recently.  I'm a substitute teacher. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to sit around drawing the kids all day, most of the time I have to actually interact with them and, you know, teach ;)  But this day I was instructed to show them movies for their music class.  This group was quietly absorbed in the Wizard of Oz, so I took the opportunity to grab some sketches.