Saturday, May 10, 2014

In which I mourn my lost sketch book

I keep thinking it will pop up - I'll look in the same place I've looked four times already and there it will be.  But I'm beginning to realize that it's really, actually gone.

The little sketch book I carry around in my purse is missing missing missing.  And I was just thinking that it was past time to photograph the good bits and update here.  boo.

The most annoying part is - my name and email and phone number is right in the front!  Call me!!  Surely somebody would open such a thing before they toss it into the trash.  Surely somebody would realize that this is the equivalent of a found camera and, crappy though those drawings may be they are my little memories that I wanted to keep of the last month.  Right?  Call me!  Give it back!

Grumble pout crank.

And I wasn't planning on loosing it, so I don't have a back-up of the right size.  So now I need to hit the art store.


So updates this month will be thin.  While I recreate all the lovely wheels that I lost.


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