Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adding some color

Some of these I added color onsite - some I tried to rescue an unfinished or unfortunate drawing with some color - I think I'm going to try to go back in on unsuccessful drawings with watercolor more often.  Because, yunno, paint is fun.  ;)

Loose Park - during soccer practice

The trees in my neighborhood get hacked at mercilessly to make way for power-lines.  I want to draw them and draw them.  I added color later with this one, only had a few moments to sketch some quick lines while the kiddos piddled around on the sidewalk with something during a walk.

One of the Fric N Frac drawings that I didn't consider a success.  I'm not sure the color helped much though :)

Antioch Park, walls and trees.

Loose Park for soccer practice again.  I drew this little tree in pencil and the little sister of one of the soccer players said, "that's a pretty good tree." And I said, "thanks, what would you do to make it better?" And she gave the question some serious thought and said, "I would color it green" and then she produced a green colored pencil for me, so I colored it green :)

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