Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Drawing Lab: Pile of Books

This drawing lab took me FOREVER.  Which is why I haven't posted a drawing lab in so long.  The instructions were to go to the library and grab a pile of books and spend some time there flipping through them and drawing whatever caught your fancy.  Now every time I go to the library I always have a 3 year old with me, so I do not have the luxury of sitting around for an hour or so flipping quietly through books, so I checked a pile out and took them home - and spent WAY more than an hour on it.  I spent several nights on this - mostly because I grabbed books that were actually interesting to me, so I couldn't just flip - I had to stop and read and scan and absorb the juicy tidbits - I wish I had time to actually read the whole books - but I've had the pile now so long that they are officially overdue and unrenewable.  oops.  So back they go tomorrow.  I didn't even get to sketching on some of them - but here are the ones I did.

I love those bears.
In a nice moment of synchronicity, when I began this project I was also reading The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp - and I'd just read her description of "scratching" which is a very similar process she uses when she is looking for ideas - except instead of sketching things in a book, she puts objects, notes, cuttings etc into boxes, a separate box for each project she's working on.  That really appeals to my disorderly-yet-ordered packrat nature :)  I will resist though.  i could quickly fill all available storage space that way.

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