Saturday, May 17, 2014


Huge thanks to Gram and Dun for calling me when they found my sketchbook!  I'm super happy to have it back.  It's funny though - while it was gone, in my memory the book was filled with nothing but the most amazing drawings I've ever done. Once I got it back I realized that, actually, they weren't as fabulous as my memory led me to believe.  But there were still some gems that I'm happy to have back. :)

one of my favorites - Playing Plants vs Zombies on the iPod kept him still long enough that I could really get into those curls

Near Loose Rose Gardens - combined thick and thin sharpie markers.

Jonas in the sand box

Jonas at Fric N Frac

Other people enjoying tacos out the window at Fric N Frac

Another Fric N Frac patron - drawn through the window.  I like drawing people out the window - if they were sitting inside the same distance away I wouldn't feel comfortable staring at them enough to draw them, but the pane of glass creates a soothing barrier.  :)

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