Saturday, April 19, 2014


A good portion of my sketching happens while I'm waiting for something else to happen.
Waiting in the car for Jesse to come out from his office so we can go to lunch.

Waiting at Jiffy Lube for an oil change.

The night before a huge snowstorm and I had to hit the grocery store for basics.  The lines were crazy and the atmosphere was stressful.  So waiting in line, I sketched the contents of my basket and felt more relaxed.

At the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. I want to let the kids explore and play, but I get bored :)  So sketching helps me wait them out so they can have the outdoor time they need.

A dead tree.  Loved the patterns and textures.  Smooth and cleared of bark.

The appetizer arrived and Jesse went off to wash his hands.  Waiting for him to come back to start eating.

Waiting at the Living Room for the play to begin.  I began drawing the crazy pattern on the sofa, but then Jesse wanted to snuggle, so I drew him with my left hand.

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