Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another trip to the nature center

This week I drew more trees and Jonas and I went to the nature center.

My skills with birds still leaves much to be desired.  Especially since I really enjoy painting birds.  I drew the owl  in pencil then added Crayola washable watercolors at home while making art with my 2 year old.  I am beginning to realize that working with washable watercolors, well, sucks.  I need to make myself a small palate of real watercolors to work with while I'm with the kiddos. Trying to build layers with a medium that washes away when it gets even slightly wet is very frustrating.
After we drew animals indoors we went outside and I sat on a rock and tried to capture the various textures of bark on these trees.  But by this time J had had enough of my boring drawing business and was ready to run around, not sit still.  You can see the lines of frustration as I tried to convince him to just give me a few more minutes.  Rushing and frustration did not help this drawing at all.
Today at the playground he was more patient with me.  I decided to challenge my fear of leaves and actually go for a leafy tree instead of the half dead ones I usually favor.  My pencils were all dull and I've lost my pocket-knife so I went with a fine-tipped sharpie pen and it worked out ok.  I'm not much of a cross-hatcher usually, so it was fun to play with a different technique.

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