Monday, August 19, 2013

New Name

I've changed the name of this blog again.  I was watching 20 feet from Stardom and one of the singers mentioned "taking it to the woodshed" and I realized that's what I'm going for here.  Somewhere quiet and out of the way to practice this stuff, over and over again, until I have it down pat, so I can pull it out and use it whenever I need to.  So now the blog is Woodshed Art :)

And along those lines I've set a new goal to draw daily.  I've set this kind of goal before, but to make it stick I'm going to start with setting a timer for 10 minutes every day.  As Flylady says, I can do *anything* for 10 minutes.  (that's my mantra at the gym, might as well use it for art practice too.)  And starting with today I did a 10 minute drawing of these budding branches that I dragged home in the spring.  I keep them in a vase on the top of a shelf because I love the way they twist all over the place.  I only got one of the branches done in the 10 minutes, but I made myself stop when the timer went off.

And here are a few unfinished trees - I kept getting dragged away from my drawings by needy children :)  Now that school has started I hope to get to finish a few more drawings!

I knew when I was drawing the second one that I didn't have much time, and remembering my other unfinished tree, I attempted to sketch as quickly as possible.  Definitely a skill that I need more practice with :)

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