Saturday, April 05, 2014

Sketch Catch-up

A month has passed - and I have not updated!  All my ZERO regular readers must be so terribly disappointed!  But really, I find if I don't dump images here often, my sketching practice suffers.  I need a bit of pressure to keep up producing.  If it's just going to live in a book forever and have no hope of ever being seen by *anybody* I just don't do it.
Which is why I have a separate blog from my "real" art ( and I can dump the practice stuff here and keep on practicing :)

But why the long delay?  My camera broke.  My camera I have had for forever.  And my ancient phone takes crap photos.  I kept thinking I'd borrow my husbands iPhone eventually, but he's always got it :)  So I finally decided to just use our (also ancient) iPod, which takes pretty bad photos - but really, how great do photos of sketch books need to be?  Onward!
Jesse Reading

A Variety of Jonas.  

I always start drawing with eyes or noses, and often don't even get to mouths before someone has moved and I can't finish the sketch, so I was feeling like I needed some extra practice with mouths.  We were are the children's museum at the water table, so I drew a bunch of different kids - mouths only.

Jonas in pencil at the train table.  I like pencil so much more than fine-point sharpie.  But it's so much easier to carry the pen.  I need to find a better carry solution for art supplies so I can use what I want.
Toby practicing violin

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