Monday, July 23, 2012

100 Faces

100 Faces by Steph Toth Kates
100 Faces, a photo by Steph Toth Kates on Flickr.

Next up in the book is the drawing from a live nekkid model - which, while I've done a lot in the past, I'm still happy to do again - but what I really want to do is go do Dr. Sketchy - and the Kansas City Dr. Sketchy takes a break in the summer because their space is unairconditioned. So I'm just going to put those 2 weeks on hold for now and come back to them in a few months when Dr. Sketchy starts up again. Cuz, yunno - why pay lots of money for a live drawing class when you could pay a tiny bit of money and see burlesque! So this week I began my 100 faces. I think I only got about 15 done - but she says you can take a few months to get through it :) I find that I'm almost always disappointed when I'm just drawing out of my head, but I can be pretty happy if I'm looking at a photo or a real person for inspiration. We have a huge photo book, darn, I've forgotten the artists name, but it's full of faces - so I've been opening to a random page and drawing whatever I find. That's been fun. Now I need to get more into the mixed media business and get away from just whatever pen I have lying around :) I've been really wanting to play with watercolor lately. so that will probably be the next set. click the photo to see more faces on flickr.

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