Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Pick

The next lab was the 'Random Pick'.  Making a list of 20 things that I like to draw was an interesting exercise in itself, I know I repeat themes a lot, but I found it almost challenging to think of 20 things I like to draw, because I often draw the same stuff over and over.  (Once I was done with the lab I continued my list and got it up to 47, so that was comforting)

Anyway, this drawing came from the following picks in this order: River, Fence, Cells, Leaf, Squirrel, Map.

Until I got to squirrel I was feeling kind of frustrated with my picks, because they were all kind of background stuff, I wanted a character animal thing for my main focus.  After I finished this and made my 47 things list I went to the random number generator and tried again.  This time I got: Fox, Spider, Grasshopper, River, Fence and Wolf.  Which was way way too many character animal things - so then I felt thankful for my original picks.  And also weirded out that fence and river came up twice.  I did a couple of quick composition sketches for the new picks, but nothing amazing came from it.  I might try this again though.  And maybe soon.  I'm kinda stuck for inspiration for my next painting...

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