Sunday, February 15, 2015

Drawing Lab 47: The Office

I haven't done a Drawing Lab in months and months and months. Because I got stuck on this one. The goal was to make a series of sketches using office supplies. But I don't work in an office - I'm a substitute teacher and I don't want to mess with teacher's desks more than absolutely nessessary. So long ago I conceived this idea to use last year's planner as a base for sketches. I always feel bad throwing away this document of the year - but keeping it is clutter - so now I'll at least have photo documentation of a few days.
So I got the idea - put the old planner in my purse -  and carried it around for over 6 months without touching it.  
I realized I didn't want to use my planner as a sketchbook. I wanted to use my sketchbook as a sketchbook. Once I decided to do this project at home with paint - it went much better!

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