Friday, November 15, 2013

Nature Walkabout Lab

I was kicking myself for putting this lab off until the weather turned :)  but I lucked out and today was lovely - it turned out to be more of a playground walkabout instead of a nature walkabout - I couldn't convince Jonas to leave the playground to go on a hike with me - until it was time to go home for lunch and then he threw a giant fit because he wanted to go on a hike.  yes.  We are at that age.

But I found lots of nice naturey things near the playground to draw.

This lab appealed to the alternate-reality-scientific illustrator in me.  I love tiny little details.  I am done with fine tip sharpie pens though.  Bleeds too much.  As soon as I have some spare cash I'm going to the art store and buying a REAL PEN.  It will be exciting.

These are also the last 2 pages in my sketch book.  I started it in May and now it's November and it's all filled up.  I don't think I've ever filled a sketch book in less than a year before.  Of course it helps that it's thick paper - so it's only 40 sheets, but I've also just filled a larger sized book that I keep in the studio for working out painting compositions and random drawings.

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