Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Attempts - "after"

I'm more than halfway through the book now - so I decided it was high-time I start to do some drawings.  Just from reading the book I feel like I'm already doing much better - though I still have much room for improvement.
 This is the tree and bush in my front yard.  Here I created a value sketch first (on the left, squeezed in on the page of very bad slide drawings from the playground)  From there I did the drawing on the right.  The approach of drawing a box on the page instead of trying to fill the page I got from the author - I love it.  Mostly because, especially in this 5x7 sketchbook, I can never seem to fit my drawing in - so even though I keep overshooting the box - I've still got room to grow.  Also leaves room for notes.  I used 3 different pencils here - HB, 2H and 6B.
I did this one today at the Nelson-Atkins sculpture garden.  Just a cheap #2 pencil from the bottom of the diaper bag - but I'm much happier already.  I feel like I got a fairly interesting composition, and my lights and darks are well balanced.  Those leaves look kinda ginko-y to me even.  But once I've got the hang of this nature drawing stuff I'll have to start working on my architectural drawing.  The building in the background looks like crap.  :)  Straight lines.  Why do they have to be so hard?!

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