Monday, February 11, 2013

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls by Steph Toth Kates
Paper Dolls, a photo by Steph Toth Kates on Flickr.
The final project for the Inspired by childhood chapter was making paperdolls - this project had a lot of steps, and I was tempted to just draw something in markers and cut it out - but I decided to go ahead and follow the instructions - and I'm glad I did - the marker to gesso to smudging watercolor pencil with a papertowel process actually turned out to be pretty neat - and while these are certainly not masterpieces - they were fun to make.

 Not having an iconic illustrating style like the author, I had a very hard time figuring out how I was going to draw these dolls. In the end I fell back to the stiff "my head doesn't really attach right to my body" style that I developed in college for costume design classes. So then they also ended up in funny costumes. I made a dad, a grandma/nanny, a boy, a baby and a pet fox and octopus. Jonas worked on this project with me, and, as usual, I think his paper dolls came out much better.  He chose to disregard the last set of instructions and finished his dolls off with watercolor. :)  According to Jonas the one on the far right is a helicopter.


James Gyre said...

I like the fox :)

Steph said...

thanks :) I seem to be really into foxes at the moment - I have 2-3 paintings with foxes going.